Update #9: October 25, 2009

26 10 2009

A note from our editor…

Hey all!!

I hope you are all excited for our second issue coming out within a few weeks!! We will be selling pre-orders for the magazine for the next two weeks starting this Monday!! Pre-orders are $5 and all issues after that will be $7, so please support us and the Asian American community! :]
We will be at the AASU office from 11 am to about 2 pm. See you there and thank you guys for patiently waiting the magazine!!


*If you are not from Gainesville and would like to pre-order the magazine, please email us at: inkmagazine.uf@gmail.com

Don’t forget about the awesome photo contest! (see previous update for more info!)

Upcoming Events

Kappa Phi Lambda presents: The Night Fair

What: A mini carnival with booths run by each sub-organization in AASU and more!

Where: Reitz Union Colonnade

When: Wednesday October 28th, 6-9 pm

Notes: Wear a Halloween costume!

The K-Month Mr. and Ms. AASU Pageant!

[Pageant Contestants]
Samantha Caballero
Heather Cabrera
Whitney Fung
Lindsey Isla
Mae Mercado
Amanda Sucharitchant

Edwin Andres
Aaron Chao
Mark Hermano
Paolo Mercado
Tim Pham

Where: Reitz Union Rion Ballroom

When: Thursday October 28th, 7pm

What: A fierce competition sure to entertain your ears and eyes!

Notes: Bring your signs to support your favorite contestants!

[Penny Vote]
Bring money to participate in the Penny Vote! The guy and girl who bring in the most money will win Fan Favorite! All of the proceeds go to the Red Cross. So, support your friends by putting money in their jars!

Pi Delta Psi presents: The Amazing Race

What: A race philanthropy event to raise money for the Students for Building Dreams (an organization that serves as the “political backbone” of Asian American issues at UF)

When: Sunday Nov. 1st, 10:30 am

Where: All over UF campus

Notes: It is still not too late to put together a team! Click here for more information on how to get a team together and fill out a form! <http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=fahm&init=quick#/event.php?eid=179545737925&ref=ts&gt;

Pictures from the October 24th CASA Mid-Autumn Show

Photo credit to Oanh Nguyen and Jackie Ore!


Pi Delta Psi skit


CASA Modern Dance


Martial Arts group


Asian Rickshaw Photo-Op



Phil Law (Philawsopher)


Wonderful emcees: Jim and Amy!


Kim and Jessica singing duet


The awesome CASA E-Board who put together the whole event!!! Congrats 🙂

Current Events




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